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Ability Matrix

Test your swimming ability

Use the following swimming matrix to test your swimming ability.

Swim Well Ability Matrix

Is you child over 4 years of age?

Can your child...

  • Travel 5 meters on front to the side of the pool.
  • Blow bubbles with mouth under water.
  • Make a supervised jump with or without support.
  • Basic front or backcrawl long legs pointed toes.
  • Show torpedo shape on from or back (With support)

Can your child...

  • Put face in water and blow bubbles for 5 seconds
  • Bob up and down to fully submerge the head repeat 6 times.
  • Move freely about the pool.
  • Travel 5m. using front / backcrawl type kick with floats.
  • Travel 5m. using breaststroke type kick with floats
  • Demonstrate movement in all directions with floats.

Can your child...

  • Push and glide, flat streamline position face in the water (Front)
  • Rotate through 360 degrees vertically in deep water.
  • Kick 5m using an alternative kick unassisted (front)
  • Kick 5m using a breaststroke / butterfly kicking action.
  • Submerge to kneel on the pool floor.
  • Travel 10m unaided on front and back.

Can your child...

  • Swim 10m full stroke frontcrawl with basic technique.
  • Swim 10am full stroke backcrawl with basic technique.
  • Swim 10m full stroke breaststroke with basic technique.
  • Swim 10m frontcrawl with regular breathing to the side.
  • In deep water tread water for 10 seconds.

Can your child...

  • Kick 20m using and effective frontcrawl leg action holding a float.
  • Kick 20m using an effective backcrwl leg action arms extended.
  • Swim 25m full stroke frontcrawl showing basic technique.
  • Demonstrate effective breaststroke timing (pull, kick, glide)
  • Swim 100m continually with a choice of stroke.
  • Push and glide from wall into a front somersault.

Can your child...

  • Swim 200m continually with a choice of stroke.
  • 50m showing good technique frontcrawl.
  • 50m showing good technique Backcrawl.
  • Swim 4 lengths showing effective starts, turns and finishes.
  • Working as part of a team complete a 400m relay.
  • Show an understanding of pace clock or coaches timed swims.
  • Swim 800m with correct starts and turns, choice of stroke.

Is you child under 3 years of age?

Your child should attend Adult and Child

Your child should attend Pre School

Your child should attend Non Swimmers

Your child should attend Beginners

Your child should attend Swimmers

Your child should attend Improvers

Your child should attend Stroke Development

Your child should attend Stamina Swim

Your child should attend a Swimming Club
or SwimWell Stroke Development Advance

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