Child/ Adult Registration Form

Parent/Guardian/Swimmer MUST complete Registration forms BEFORE child/adult participates in any of the SwimWell Classes.


Child/ Adult Registration Form

    Your Address

    Your Child's Date of Birth


    Health Club membership number (if applicable)

    Confidential Medical Section:

    Does your child suffer from any medical condition or difficulties that you think we should be aware of, e.g. asthma, hearing problems, learning difficulties etc?


    If YES, please specify and list.

    A parent/guardian must be available to administer any medication required during class, as this cannot be the responsibility of the instructors.

    Emergency Contacts

    Emergency Contact Person when at swimming, e.g. Parent, Aunt, Neighbour, Grandparent etc.

    Terms & Conditions

    Please see here: Terms & Conditions.

    Acknowledge your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by ticking the box below.


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