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Below is a description of the format of the lessons we offer, please note these are for guidance only. A member of our fully trained staff will be happy to book you or your child into the correct class according to swim ability.

If you are unsure as to which class is right for you try our Ability Matrix first

Ability Matrix


Aim: To introduce children to the swimming pool environment, gain water confidence and become independent in the water. Learning Outcomes

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Non Swimmer

Aim: To build on the basic water skills. should be repeated with confidence: Learning Outcomes: Show torpedo shape on front

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Aim: This is the transition class between armbands and independent swimming. Basic stroke development and movement is the focus. Learning

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Aim: To build confidence and independence within the pool. Develop basic swimming strokes over short distances. Learning Outcomes: Push and

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Aim: To develop basic swimming movements and develop correct stroke technique. Increase distance through introduction of breathing practices. Swimming distance

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Stroke Development

Aim: This class aims to develop strokes over larger distances. These swims will take place over full lengths of the

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Stamina Swim

Aim: Building stamina through long distance swims, effective stroke techniques. Ability to demonstrate starts, turns and finishes. Use of pace

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Adult Beginners

Aim: If you are new to the water or need to improve your confidence, our adult beginners classes help develop

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Adult Stroke Development

Aim: If you are confident in mid-depth water and are keen to develop new strokes or define specific aspects

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