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Stroke Development


This class aims to develop strokes over larger distances. These swims will take place over full lengths of the pool. Introduction to stamina swimming.

Learning Outcomes:

Kick 20m using an effective frontcrawl leg action holding a float.Kick 20m using an effective backcrawl leg action arms extended.

Kick 20m using an effective breastroke leg action.

Swim 25m full stroke breast stroke showing basic technique.

Push and glide underwater through a hoop 5m away underwater.

Swim 25m full stroke frontcrawl showing basic technique.Swim 25m full stroke backcrawl showing basic technique.

Demonstrate effective breast stroke timing (pull, kick, glide)

Swim 50m using at least 2 different strokes.

Swim 100m continuously with a choice of stroke.

Treading water include 2 x 360 degrees (15 sec.)Kick 10m on front without using a float using a dolphin action.

A straddle jump entry into water of at least full reach height.

Push and glide from wall into a front somersault.

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