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Achievement Log


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The SwimWell achievement log links into the National Plan for swimming,
this was the previous award scheme used by SwimWell. This ensures that all
the progression and awards previously gained in the SwimWell programme are
transferable to the new log book.
Details: The log book is 16 pages in length. The front and back cover
details each child's personal details (to be completed by parent). The
award scheme is detailed in the main body of the booklet. There are seven
stages (detailed right) in which each child will work through.

Each of the stages are broken down into three mini sections. Each section
contains 5 practices (As can be seen image bottom left). Once a practice
has been successfully repeated with confidence your child will have this
practice marked off by their teacher.
Once all five practices have been completed and checked off your child
will receive a SwimWell sticker to mark their progress. Once all three
sections have been completed your child will ready to move to the next
SwimWell level.
The achievement log has been designed to progress children from age 3 who
have very little water confidence through to the Swim Stamina level which
helps maintain children's fitness levels and prepare them for swimming

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